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The Neurological, Sensory, Motor, Developmental Assessment (NSMDA), is used by Paediatric Physiotherapists to assess the motor development of children at key ages from 1 month to 6 years of age.

The NSMDA is a valid, criterion referenced, standardized test of motor development.  It provides a profile of a child’s motor development at specific ages. The test records aspects of normal motor performance as well as identifying areas of concern and of abnormal or dysfunctional components of movement. In other words it measures what a child can do as well as what they cannot do! 

The NSMDA also classifies motor development as:-  normal, or with minimal, mild, moderate or severe problems of posture, movement and co-ordination. The NSMDA is predictive of later motor and some other aspects of development. It is not suitable to measure the effect of an intervention.   

The test has been in use in research and in clinical facilities in Australia and overseas for more than 20 years.  Physiotherapists using the test require an understanding of early child motor development.

Training in use of the test although not essential if used clinically, is highly recommended to achieve valid results for clinical audit or research. Formal courses of training in the use of the NSMDA must be provided by an accredited or approved instructor.

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